Lesson Packs

What are Lesson Packs?
On your first lesson you will be given a lesson pack. This comes in the form of a folder containing the following

  • Pupil record (track your lessons)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Instructor’s assessment
  • Show Me Tell Me Questions

There are approximately 45 driving skills to which you will assessed in, each with five assessment levels. I will introduce each skill as appropriate, there is no set order. But bear in mind levels can go down as well as up.

Some of my Successful Students

“I really enjoy being a driving instructor and I am always extremely proud when one of my students pass their test. Anyone who follows me on Facebook will know.”

– Diane Lambert

Eleanor Bickle

Beth Inglett

Ella Mae Bussey

Rachel Hibbard

Sam Williams

Emma Patterson

Start Learning Today!

If you are interested in learning to drive get in touch…

Diane Lambert ADI

I am an independent approved driving instructor based in Darlington, County Durham.

Telephone: 07952254927

Email: info@dianelambert.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DianeLambertADI

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